2015 Autism McLean Award Winners

Every year, we like to formally recognize individuals and organizations who make a difference in the lives of people living with autism. Here are this year's award winners:

Above and Beyond "Autism Champion" - Recognizes members of the local community who have made a direct impact on families and individuals with autism. These champions make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and help make McLean County an Autism Friendly Community.

Community Partner - Presented to the outstanding organization that has provided support and partnership to the Autism Society of McLean County and the autism community.  These partners are committed to advancing the acceptance of autism and dedicated to making McLean County an Autism Friendly Community. Without good partners, we cannot succeed!

Excellent Educator - This award acknowledges and recognizes a teacher or other professional who has directly impacted our individuals with autism, whether it be through their dedication to enhance the future of all individuals with autism, direct teaching of an individual, training of others on techniques, volunteering their time to further the educational efforts, commitment to furthering their own knowledge or involvement in collaborating on projects related to autism.

Gold Star Member - For a member of the society who has made a direct impact on the organization, in the lives of the families and individuals affected by autism, or through personal triumphs in their own lives.

  • Ed Hampton

Shine Award - Presented to the outstanding individual who has provided support and partnership to Autism McLean. The recipient of the Shine award stands out as someone who is enthusiastic and devoted to improving the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum.

  • Staci Rogers, LPN

Visionary Employer Award - This award is presented to a local employer who stands out because of their dedication to the special needs community with the employment of individuals with special needs.

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