Begin looking for the right college - it’s never too early!

Things to do:

  1. Visit colleges and universities interested in attending
  2. Obtain detailed information about the college or university, including:
    1. Size of school
    2. Primary residential or commuter?
  3. Contact the office of disability services to inquire about services. Some things to ask:
    1. How many students receive services?
    2. How many staff members (full and part time) are employed?
    3. What accommodations are provided to students with autism spectrum disorders or asperger’s syndrome?
    4. How many faculty workshops on autism spectrum disorders or asperger’s syndrome are offered?
    5. Do the faculty have regular contact with the disability services center?
    6. Do the disability services staff reach out to faculty who have students with asperger’s syndrome or autism spectrum disorders?

Searching for college resources:

  1. Find a college: Provides various resources to assist in finding the right college based on your individual needs, goals, and interests.
  2. College resource guide: A resource by the Asperger Foundation International that provides information on services and supports that various colleges provide students with autism spectrum disorders.

Resource that Include More Information on College Disability Services:

  1. K & W Guide to Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities, 9th Edition (2007)
  2. Peterson’s Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities or ADD (2006)