Meet with institution personnel

Prior to Classes Beginning:

  • Meet or establish contact with:
    • your academic advisor - to set-up classes and ensure you are taking the appropriate classes for your major
    • counseling center - it is helpful to have the essential paperwork filled out and begin to get to know the staff so that if you do decide to seek counseling you have already begun to make connections
    • office of disability services - it is essential to meet with the staff at disability services to
      determine what accommodations you will be receiving and what you will need to do in order to continue to receive services
    • tutoring service/learning center - once you know what courses you are taking, it is important to think ahead about what ones may cause you more difficulty and see if there are tutors available for those courses
    • health services center - making a connection with the staff at health services will be beneficial because when you are sick it will be nice to see a familiar face
    • campus security - it is especially helpful to meet with campus security and understand the rules and regulations for the institution
    • housing office - meeting with the housing department, especially your Resident Director and Resident Assistant will be helpful in understanding the rules and regulations of the residence hall as well as forming a connection with the staff
  • As you go to the various places on campus, take pictures of the buildings and staff members.
  • Place the pictures you take and your own descriptions of the places and staff in your resource binder to help you remember later when you need to.