The Miracle League Summer 2015 Season Information

The Miracle League offers children and adults with disabilities a way to participate in baseball at their own skill level. Each player is assigned a buddy for game day that assist them throughout the 2 inning game. Every player bats each inning. They swing at the ball until they hit it, either on their own, with a tee or with the assistance of a buddy. They then make their way around the bases with their buddies at their side. In the outfield, the players may actively participate or do their own thing! This is baseball at its best! Families and Players love the DJ’s music, the MC, and the 2nd inning stretch when they sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game. The MC announces every play, just like the major leagues!

The Miracle League has a winter season, spring season and fall season. Winter games are held indoors at Heartland Community College in the Sports Complex. Spring and fall games are hosted at the Pony Fields on the intersection of Towanda Barnes Rd and Ireland Grove Road. Currently, the Miracle League is building our own rubberized Field behind the Cornbelter’s Stadium on Raab Road. Upon completion, all games will be held there!!!

Attached are the Miracle League player and volunteer registration forms. For more information and the summer schedule, our website is Or if you have any questions, please contact the Miracle League’s office located at the offices of Uncle Bill’s Self Storage, at 421 Kays Drive Normal, or call (309) 451-4500.