Prepare for college life

Solving potential problems:

In order to handle problem situations when they arise it is beneficial to anticipate issues that may arise and create worksheets of how to handle various situations.

As you go through high school, it is helpful to begin using these worksheets to see if they are helpful for you in coping with changes that occur. If you become used to using these worksheets in high school, you will find it much easier to use this format while in college.

The worksheets should include three sections for the student to complete:

  1. Identify the situation
  2. Determine how to handle the situation
  3. Identify people who can help

Some situations you should discuss and fill worksheets out for prior to attending college include:

  • telling a faculty member about your disability
  • receiving accommodations, such as extended test time
  • exploring your career interests
  • dealing with an unpaid bill
  • using your e-mail
  • identifying community services
  • requesting tutoring services
  • writing a research paper
  • finding social activities
  • registering for classes
  • contacting professors
  • transferring your case/services

These are some situations you may run across when you are in college that would be helpful to think about prior to going:

  • class being canceled
  • car troubles
  • challenges with a roommate
  • computer/printer malfunctions
  • missing a class
  • roommate change
  • getting sick
  • meeting with a professor
  • participating in group work
  • internet being down