Quick facts

Quick facts for kids:

  • You cannot catch autism from somebody.
  • There is no cure for autism.
  • People who are born with autism will not outgrow it, although they might find ways to fit in to the world around them as they grow up.
  • People with autism can get jobs.
  • Children with autism need friends just like other kids.
  • People with autism need others to be patient with them.
  • Some people with autism may get upset when things change in their environment or schedule. It is important to warn them ahead of time if changes will happen.
  • People with autism are not all alike. They have different behaviors, personalities and needs.
  • People with autism are able to learn, but may need a special classroom for certain subjects. They may also need to learn by having lots of pictures shown to them during classes and may need schedules shown to them during the day so they know what to expect.
  • More boys have autism than girls (four out of five). Autism is usually seen by the time the child is three years old.