COVID Needs and Supports Survey

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often thrive in a routine environment and can struggle with unexpected changes to their schedules. Lately, there have been many changes and many unknowns.

As we adjust to coping with these changes and navigating school closures, abrupt changes in daily routine, loss of connections with teachers and friends, and distance learning, individuals with ASD may need additional support to process and adapt to the many changes. What are some of your struggles?

For some, it might be trying to locate the right brand and type of chicken nuggets. For others, it’s a sensory overload! Please share what you are experiencing and what supports you have found to be successful. The information you share will be used to develop strategies and resources that will be shared on Autism McLean’s website (for individualization).

Please complete the following survey so supports and strategies can be developed that benefit our local families. Resources will be shared on the Autism McLean website soon!

Survey can also be accessed here:

Thank you!

COVID Needs and Supports Survey