Educational enhancement grant

Purpose: To fulfill our mission to provide educationally based programs to meet the unique needs of children with ASD, Autism McLean will make a limited amount of money available to schools and board approved non-profit programs to start or improve services delivered to students with Autism. Autism Mclean’s goal is to benefit and serve McLean County, primary focus will be on organizations in McLean County who serve and or benefit individuals with autism.

Primary funding focus:

  • Educationally based activities and programs that expand educational opportunities for individuals with autism spectrum disorder
  • Program start-up costs
  • Innovative approaches to meet needs the needs of children with ASD
  • Renovating/renewing existing equipment/supplies
  • Matching first-time expenses for services
  • Creative/unique supports and educational opportunities

AM does not fund:

  • Services for one individual child (e.g. one-on-one services, home education programs)
  • Organizations that do not have not-for-profit or tax exempt status

Request amount: Each award is limited to a maximum award of $500.

Autism McLean budget: As funds are available and approved by the board.

Due date: Proposals are accepted throughout the fiscal year.

Applications should be submitted on the form below and must include:

  1. Cover application with: name of organization, address, phone and e-mail, and name of contact person responsible for use of requested funds.
  2. A proposal that includes: 
    1. Organization/school description including demographic information.
    2. Describe program and how requested funds will benefit individuals with ASD.
    3. Approximate number of individuals with autism the funding will help.
    4. Fiscal or school year for which funds are requested.
    5. Program budget (detail how requested funds will be spent).
    6. Relevant pictures and/or descriptions of equipment/supplies to be purchased with requested dollars.
    7. Letter of support from organization/school administrator.
    8. Verification of 501c3 or tax exempt status.

Expectations of Grant Awards: Autism McLean expects recipients to submit pictures and a summary of how the monies granted benefitted individuals with autism.

Applicant information

Program information

(max $500)

By submitting this application you certify that the information submitted is true and complete to the best of your knowledge.