Hire someone with autism

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Why hire someone with autism?

Organization benefits:

  • Gain reliable, loyal and effective employee
  • Progress towards meeting diversity goals
  • Raise awareness of diversity among its staff
  • Managers with understanding of ASD communication difficulties learn communication skills that help their whole team.
  • Accommodations and awareness can increase co-worker productivity.
  • Improved internal and external PR
  • Non-autistic employees are freed from tedium of complex, repetitive tasks.

What skills and qualities do people with autism bring to the job?

  • Reliable, hard working and motivated to work
  • Attention to detail
  • Adherence to established rules and procedures
  • Maintain a high level of accuracy
  • Good performance on complex, repetitive tasks
  • Honesty and straightforward directness
  • Many have advanced technical skills
  • Some have academic degrees
  • Good retention of facts and figures
  • Often prefer work to socializing
  • Strong loyalty to their employer

While it is only speculation that Albert Einstein had an autism spectrum disorder, he displayed many of the characteristics. Click to learn more!