Adults with ASD have a wide range of residential needs. Some live independently, while others need a range of supports.

  • Independent Living
  • Supported living – supports or services are provided to the individual in a home that they own or rent.
  • Supervised living – greater level of supports or services (than supported living) to individuals but still provides the ability to live somewhat independently
  • Group homes – several individuals with disabilities living together in a home in a community and 24 hour support/supervision is provided
  • Institutional placement – large residential facility that provides on going treatment for individuals with disabilities

Locally, Marcfirst and Homes of Hope offer residential programs.

Supports and Accommodations:

Supports should be tailored to the individual and can vary from minimal to constant.

  • Safety – safe neighborhoods are a necessity. Some people with ASD may lack a sense of danger or the ability to react appropriately in potentially dangerous situations.
    • Sign up for the McLean County law enforcement’s early notification program through the Bloomington and Normal Police Departments: Any resident of McLean County with a special need may register with their police agency. Registration allows information provided to be entered and maintained in a County-wide database system. If a registered individual calls for police services, the information provided will appear to the dispatcher and be passed on to the responding officers.
  • Self care – meal preparation, hygiene
  • Medical needs and healthcare access
  • Sensory needs – Noise may be an issue (e.g., proximity to high traffic areas)
  • Transportation – Residences should be near public transportation or within walking distance to employment and recreational opportunities, supermarkets, bank, pharmacy, restaurants etc.