Autism McLean (AM) recognizes sponsors, organizations and individuals within our community who have made a difference in the success of our organization and in the lives of our children and adults with autism.

Autism McLean collaborates with local schools, parents, state wide agencies and Illinois State University to provide parents and community members information and training about individuals with autism. Autism is the fastest growing disability within the nation. McLean County and the surrounding areas have experienced this same exceptional growth. Families, educators, and community agencies struggle on an individual level to meet the needs of the individuals affected by this disorder and are in need of information and solutions to implement successful approaches. Families are not only impacted by the stress of raising an individual who has severe difficulty communicating with them, they also have the financial burden of intensive therapies, medical interventions, and attending educational seminars to learn the latest most effective treatments for their child.

There is a significant need to not only bring awareness to a variety of individuals within the community, but also the need to provide parents and families effective strategies for meeting their children’s needs. As the youth of today become the adults of tomorrow, we need to provide an opportunity for businesses, agencies, parents, and other professionals to gain the necessary skills that will better meet the needs of these individuals. By focusing on providing educational strategies, intervention techniques and interpersonal skill development we can help meet the needs of individuals with autism helping to ensure a successful adulthood.

It is AM's belief that with community effort, a system will be established that is more aware and better prepared to meet the lifelong needs of individuals with autism. We look forward to continued collaboration with local service providers. Together we can make our community vision a reality.