Tips for parents and students:

  • Meet with institution personnel: It is important to meet early on with key staff and members of the College/University to be clear about expectations and procedures. Included is a list of people with which to meet, as well as purposes for each meeting suggested.
  • Sign releases: Given that the law prevents family members from talking to personnel at the College/University without a signed release for students over the age of 18, it is important to make sure that the appropriate releases are signed prior to a need arising to talk with that staff member.
  • Meet with the college or university's office of disability services: Meeting with disability services will assist you in determining what accommodations you will be able to assess, as well as how to go about accessing services. Included are various things to discuss and share at this meeting.
  • Get used to your new surroundings: It is essential to get used to the layout of your new environment. It is suggested that you go to a variety of important locations on campus, take pictures, and put these pictures into your resource binder with descriptions of these locations.
  • Add to your resource binder: Keeping your resource binder up-to-date will make it more useful and helpful when you need it. Adding important resources and information to it will assist you in keeping organized and use the information within the binder.