• President – Jacquie Mace
  • Treasurer – Chuck Hartseil
  • Secretary – Mindy Bolin
  • AFC Chair – Kari Sandhaas
  • iAM Connected Group – Dawn Auten
  • Sports Chair – Erik Heinonen
  • Nikki Michalak
  • Jennifer Sikes
  • Emmanuel Calmes
  • Kathy Sawyer
  • Carrie Green
  • Tricia Lambert
  • Marty Murphy
  • Audrey Hensley

Advisory Board:

  • Karla Doepke
  • Virginia Moody, M.D
  • Stacey Bock
  • Jennifer Imig Huffman
  • Kathy Case

Interested in Becoming a Board Member?

New board members must meet the following criteria.

  1. Professionals (no child with autism in the home) must be a member for 1 year before running for a boardposition.
    • Must volunteer at one or more events before running
  2. Family Members: individuals and families living with autism and/ or in support of people with autism, must be a current member.
    • Must have attended at least one Autism McLean Event
  3. Elections of new board members must be voted in by no less than 51% of the total votes – (if 20 people vote and anyone running gets less than 11 votes, they will not be elected)