iAM Social Camp

iAM Social Camp is a social camp geared toward adults and older teens who are no longer enrolled in public school. The camp will be headed by Jacquie Mace, Nikki Michalak, and Unit 5 (teacher of the year) Shawn Mann.

The focus of the camp will be community and recreational activities to encourage social engagement and build social skills.  Camp cost: 275.00, 75.00 will be set aside for each attendee's activities, the other 200.00 will cover supply cost and teacher fees.

We will have no more than 18 campers enrolled. Campers must not have significant behavioral challenges. Campers must be independent enough to not need an individual aid. There will be a lot of navigating the community, but campers will always be with an adult – the ratio will be 1 adult to 6 campers at times.

Campers are responsible for getting themselves to and from camp. Many times we take personal vehicles to get to our community locations.

Please contact [email protected] with questions or for a camp application.

iAM Social Camp