State of Illinois Disability ID card


Emergency Contact Database


If you are an Illinois resident and hold an Illinois driver's license, instruction permit and/or identification card, you are eligible to register your emergency contact information.

The Emergency Contact Database allows you to voluntarily enter one or two individuals to serve as your emergency contacts in the event you are involved in a traffic crash or have a medical emergency where you cannot communicate directly with law enforcement or emergency responders. The Emergency Contact Database also allows you to enter basic medical information such as disabilities, medical conditions or special needs (i.e., drug allergies or taking certain prescription medication).

McLean County Functional Needs Registry (EMA)


The McLean County Functional Needs Registry is a program set up to help individuals with special needs during an emergency situation. The program is a voluntary registration by county residents with functional needs to help local emergency responders during an emergency with planning and preparedness, so they know in advance who needs extra assistance.

The registry is 100 percent safe to sign up. Only emergency personnel will be able to see the information provided by county residents. The purpose is to help residents with functional needs get the assistance they need during a weather disaster or some other local emergency.

Town of Normal Early Notification Program


Link: See registration forms attached to the bottom of this page.

he McLean County Early Notification Program is specifically designed to provide responding law enforcement officers with information to assist them in responding to calls involving individuals with special needs. If responding officers are made aware of these special needs prior to arrival, they may be better equipped to understand and appropriately respond to calls involving these residents. The McLean County Law Enforcement community is committed to developing strategies and procedures to enhance our interaction with special needs residents. 

The main purpose of this program is to provide a mechanism for residents with special needs to register their specific information with their local law enforcement agency. Any and all information provided during the registration process will only be used for law enforcement purposes.

City of Bloomington Premise Alert Program


The Bloomington Police and Fire Departments have combined forces to offer our citizens the opportunity to participate in the Premise Alert Program. 
The Illinois Premise Alert Program (Public Act 96-0788) provides for Public Safety Agencies in the State of Illinois to allow people with special needs the ability to provide information to Police, Fire and EMS personnel to be kept in a database. The information can then be pro-vided to responders dealing with situations involving Special Needs Individuals.

The Bloomington Fire Department has created a Premise Alert Program form that can be accessed online at: Premise Alert Program (Printable Form). The form can be completed by families, caregivers, or individuals with special needs. The information provided in the form will be entered into databases maintained by the Bloomington Communication Center and may be shared with other police, fire or EMS agencies as need-ed to provide services to the individual.

A Special Needs Individual is hereby defined as: Having a physical or mental impairment, or has or is at increased risk for a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional condition and who also requires health and related services of a type or amount beyond that required by individuals generally.

Captain Brad McCollum, Public Information Officer for the fire department said “The Premise Alert Program is a voluntary program that will benefit the special needs citizens of Bloomington by providing emergency response personnel with important information that will aid them in assisting the individual during their emergency.” Bloomington Police Public Information Officer Sara Mayer agrees, “By partnering with the Bloomington Fire Department to offer the Premise Alert Program, our Police, Fire, and EMS personnel will have access to critical information allowing them to better respond to the needs of our citizens.

The information provided will be kept confidential and used only to provide City of Bloomington Emergency Responders with the information needed to deal with situations or emergencies involving a Special Needs person. When needed, this information will then be sent to the responding emergency vehicles Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) terminal. The service is offered free of charge. The notification expires 2 (two) years after the date it was submitted. Individuals may update or renew it at anytime by filing a new form.

You can read about this on the City of Bloomington's website here:

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